Research Requests

At the Sooke Region Museum, we want to do our best to respond to the research inquiries we receive. We have a small staff on hand with only a portion responding to research requests. Depending on the nature of your request, increased processing times should be expected. As of right now, we do not have our collections available online. By filling out a research request form, staff are able to conduct their own search of the collections. From there, we will work with you to answer your questions.

Inquiries that can be researched within one hour will be provided at no cost; inquiries that require over an hour of research will be provided at an hourly rate at $50/hour.

Genealogical Charts are available, you must provide proof of connection to the chart in question.

Bound copies of the Sooke News Mirrors are available for research. We currently carry years 1959-2021. As well as Sooke Voice News 2011-2015 and Westshore Voice News 2016-2019.

Oral histories are available for research, the Collections and Exhibits Manager will assess whether the requested oral history recording contains sensitive information to determine if access should be granted.

All research requests are subject to approval by the Collections Manager, the Executive Director or their delegate.

Photograph reproduction and ordering is facilitated through our online photo library. There are reproduction fees for commercial use and some  fees for personal use photos. See below for where fees may be exempt.

Image reproductions fees:

  • Commercial reproduction (use in advertising, multiple reproductions, for-profits, etc.) is a one time $26 fee for a digital file.
  • Personal reproduction fees are as follows: $10 for digital file; $14 for 5×7; $20 for 8×10… etc.

Fee exemptions:

  • School and Post-Secondary Projects
  • Non-profit websites and projects (excluding promotional uses/donation solicitation)
  • Reference by original donors or direct family
  • Research, genealogy or private study
  • Criticism or review
  • Research by an Indigenous person or organization.

Research Request Form