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The Sooke Night Market is supported by the Sooke Region Historical Society and was developed to highlight the rich heritage of food producers, artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the area.   It’s a place for residents and visitors to learn about and enjoy the talent and abundance of our region.

Our 10th season starts in June!

Interested in becoming a vendor? Products sold at the Market need to be made, baked, raised, caught, and wild harvested or 100% grown by you.



Interested in providing entertainment? Please contact the market organizer.

Sooke Night Market Policies & Procedures


The Sooke Night Market is supported by the Sooke Region Historical Society and was developed to highlight the rich heritage of food producers, artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the area.   It’s a place for residents and visitors to learn about and enjoy the talent and abundance of our region. 2023 is our 10th season!


The Sooke Night Market is outdoors and runs weekly on Thursdays from June 1 to September 7, 5:00pm – 8:00pm for a total of 15 nights. The market is on the Sooke Region Museum Grounds at 2070 Phillips Rd in Sooke, BC.


The Sooke Night Market aims to be as inclusive as possible while at the same time avoid being an outlet for mass produced and mass marketed items. Products sold at the Sooke Night Market must be made, baked, raised, caught, and wild harvested or 100% grown by the Approved Vendor.

Each product for sale needs to meet all the applicable laws, regulations, and rules as specified by federal, provincial, and local government agencies, local health authorities, the Sooke Region Museum, and any organic certifying body the vendor belongs to. It is up to the vendor to know and comply with these regulations as well as the provincial and federal sales tax requirements.


Find the application process on our website soon.

All vendors must complete a full vendor application to be considered for the Market. Submission of an application does not guarantee a space in the Market. 

Application for an Approved Vendor status will be reviewed by the Night Market organizers. Not all applications will necessarily be approved. Consideration will be given to factors such as use of local materials\ingredients, mix of vendors at the market, and history of vendor relationship with the market and other vendors.

The vendor shall receive space for their stall in exchange for the set fee. Site location will be the decision of the market manager and will consider site mix. Vendors that purchase a full season (prior to Friday, April 7th, 2023) will get additional site consideration. 

Most stalls are 10’ x10’. There are also a few odd shaped sites available, not suitable for a 10 x 10 tent. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables and tents.


Full Season Vendor is a vendor who commits and pays for a full season in advance of the market.

Full Season Fee: $360.00 (includes GST) for 15 markets (this equals $24/market). Payment in full due upon acceptance to the market and before Friday, April 7th, 2023.

Day Vendor fee is $35 which includes GST (this is for those who do not commit to vending the full season).   Daily vendors should be aware that their stall space may be in a different location each time. Nor is there a guarantee that a space will be available on a particular date, unless confirmed in advance with the market organizers.  Market payment is due 2 days before approved vending date.

Payment can be made over the phone (250-642-6351) with a credit card or can be made at the Sooke Museum by cheque (made out to the Sooke Region Museum), credit card, debit or cash. At this time, we can not take e-transfer.

There is no refund on the full season rate.  There are no refunds for day vendors within the two days prior to their market date.


Every vendor (full season or day) must give 48 hours’ notice (2 days) for market cancellation.  The more notice the better.  Prior notice to your absence allows for another vendor to be booked for your stall.  Having all stall spaces filled provides an appealing shopping experience for customers and gives continuity to the market making all vendors prosper.

Continued cancellation or “No Shows” with no notice may result in the vendor losing site priority. Cancel at least 48 hours before market day by emailing  

Day vendors will be notified of their site assignment at least one week prior to their market date. Day vendors must reply to that email to confirm their attendance and make their payment by NOON on the Tuesday BEFORE the market, or they will lose the site and another vendor will be contacted.

Contact the Sooke Region Museum at 250-642-6351 in the case of an unexpected delay on market day.


The Sooke Night Market happens rain or shine so please come prepared!

Vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean and tidy; this includes picking up and removing all litter at the end of market day.

All Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, canopies, weights. Tents, awning, and umbrellas must have sufficient weight on the corners or base to keep the cover in place during windy conditions.  Please bring all tie down material with you.  Do not take rocks or stones from museum grounds (i.e., not from rock walls or stone oven).

Confine product display to the dimensions of the designated stall.  This includes storage boxes etc.  Please ensure that items are not placed in garden beds or the rock beds.

Vendors are expected to create an aesthetically pleasing environment which allows them to vend in all weather.

Prominently display the business/farm name on a sign that can be read clearly from at least 20’ away. Display proof of certification for organic, transitional and/or food safety handling as applicable.

Ensure that product pricing is displayed in a clear and obvious way.

Sell only products that have been approved by the market manager and are of a quality that contributes to the positive reputation of both your business and that of the market. Provide samples for assessment as requested by the Night Market Manager.

All food products and packaging must meet CRD and Provincial health regulations. It is the responsibility of individual vendors to understand and abide by the regulations. Applications from vendors of high-risk foods must be accompanied with copies of approval from VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority). All food vendors whether high risk or not must submit a copy of their Food Safe certificate and a complete product list with their market vendor application.

Attach ingredient labels to all prepared foods sold for home use and\or display ingredient list for items sold that are for consumption at the market site.

Food Venders shall use take away food containers and cutlery that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Vendors will be responsible for any special requirements such as a hand washing station, fire extinguisher, etc. that are required by the relevant authorities.


Vendors must arrive no more than two hours and no less than 30 minutes prior to the opening of the market.

Upon arrival vendors may unload supplies and then immediately move their vehicle to designated parking areas.  Do not begin set up until your vehicle is parked off site.  Vehicles are to be completely out of the market area 30 minutes prior to the market start.

Vendors must move and/or park vehicles off site, to the parking lot at SEAPARC or across Philips Road in the gravel carpark along Sooke Road.  The one exception to this parking arrangement is the opening night of the Sooke Fine Arts show (around the end of July).  That night ALL vehicles must be parked in the Sooke Road carpark or at The Sooke River Campground/Sooke Flats on Phillips Rd (No parking at SEAPARC). No parallel parking along Phillips Rd as this parking is for customers.

Finish awning set-up and product displays by the official start time of the market.

Commence selling to visitors at the 5 pm market start time (selling to other vendors and museum staff prior to the start of the market is acceptable).

All vendors must stay until the end of the market and refrain from taking down displays and tent prior to the 8 pm closing time.  This applies even if you are sold out or having a slow day.

Finalize sales activities by 10 minutes after closing.  Remove all garbage and other visible signs of your stall by one hour after closing of the market. All vendors must leave the premise by 9pm.

Refrain from bringing cars back into the market area until after all customers have left the grounds AND you have your stall packed up ready for loading back into the car. 

Cooperation amongst Vendors during vehicle pick up and packing is necessary. Please be kind and courteous. Please do not idle vehicles at any time.

Please Note: The only exception for vehicles on the Market grounds will be for those with food trucks.


Be respectful to other vendors, market staff and the public.

Refrain from smoking or vaping at the market.

Vendors are strongly discouraged from bringing pets to the market.

No Vendor will be permitted to play radios or instruments (unless approved by the Market Manager because of the relatable nature of your business)

Write and submit complaints to the Market Manager rather than airing them publicly at the market.

The Sooke Region Museum will have liability insurance to cover the hours of operation of the market for general site liabilities but will not accept responsibilities for the negligence of individual Vendors or their products. Every Vendor is asked to ensure that their homeowner, business, or other insurance covers them for participating in the market.

Vendors providing personal services that involve physical manipulation of the human body will provide proof of training and certification and are required to have their own insurance to cover this activity.

The Sooke Region Museum may prohibit any person from renting stall space, request removal of a product that falls outside the policies of the market and may require persons to leave the market if they fail to abide by the policies of the market or direction of the Market Manager.

Acknowledge that policies are subject to review and change by the Sooke Night Market Management and that they may from time to time alter and adapt these rules to provide for efficient operation of the market.

Once a vendor has been accepted to the market, they will be emailed a document to sign acknowledging their understanding of these guidelines and the following Liability Statement:


The Sooke Region Historical Society and its members/agents will not be responsible for loss or damage or injury to exhibits, merchandise, other properties, or personnel, which are on the site of the weekly market. The Vendor shall accept full responsibility for any and all damages caused by the Vendor or their representatives and agrees to indemnity and save harmless the Sooke Region Historical Society and/or its members/agents/employees against any and all claims for any such loss, damage or injury no matter how caused.

Protection of Vendor Property

The Sooke Region Historical Society and its members/agents will not be responsible for the safety of exhibits, merchandise, other properties, or personnel against robbery, damage by fire, accident, or other causes. In all cases, Vendors are responsible for their own insurance coverage.

Protection of Property and Display Fixtures

Vendors will be held responsible for all damage done or caused to the market site and market display fixtures by them, their agents and/or employees.


The vendor shall not do, nor permit anything to be done in or about the assigned vendor space or bring into, or keep upon the same space, anything which in any way that effects a fire risk or increases the rate of the Sooke Region Historical Society’s insurance policy. Should the rate of the Society’s insurance be impacted by reason of any violation of this Agreement by the vendor, the vendor will be liable to pay the amount of any such increase. The Sooke Region Historical Society will not assume any responsibility for the safety of the vendor against robbery, fire damages, and accidents or for any cause whatever. In all cases, vendors must insure their own property, material and merchandise which is brought to the Sooke Night Market.